H&M phone number

What is H&M customer service phone number? How can I contact H&M by phone? H&M is a large clothing store with many locations around the world, here you can find the contact information of H&M.

H&M customer service number

Tel: 855-466-7467 – Call now

This is the customer care toll free number of H&M [855-HNM-SHOP].

H&M phone number can be used to speak directly with a human.

Web: https://www.hm.com/

H&M Phone Number

H&M contact

Use the contact numbers provided below to communicate with H&M support.

Beside the H&M 1800 number, there is another way to contact H&M which is by email, send an email to customerservice.us@hm.com and they will answer to all of your questions.

You can also contact H&M via Facebook here or via Twitter here to ask for your local H&M store number.

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