EE phone number

What is EE customer service phone number? Need to contact EE “the 4G network”? Got questions about the services they provide? on this page you can find the contact information of support team.

EE customer service number

Tel: +44 7953 966250 – Call now

This is the main customer care phone number at EE.


EE Phone Number

How to contact EE

Here you can find more ways to contact the company to join as a business or for your personal needs.

Tel: 0800 956 6000 – Call now

This is the number for personal customers of EE.

If you are a small business, dial to this no.:

Tel: 0800 956 6100 – Call now

If are are a large business (more than 50 employees), call to this number:

Tel: 0800 079 0888 – Call now

You can also visit this page to find your EE product, and see more information about how you can contact EE to get help by phone.

If you have a Facebook account, you can contact EE on their Facebook page here, but don’t expect to get support as quickly as you will get by phone call.

If you have questions about other contact numbers of the company, or that you need help finding the contact information of a customer support, contact us by email, we will get back to you shortly.

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Note that we are not associated with EE customer service department, however, you can follow the instructions provided on this page to speak with them directly by phone.