DHL phone number

What is DHL phone number? How can I contact DHL customer service in my location? DHL is an international shipping company, on this page there is information about the main contact numbers of DHL.

DHL customer service phone number

DHL Customer Service Phone Number

DHL USA contact number

Tel: 1-800-225-5345 – Call now

This is the main customer service phone number in the United States of America (1-800-CALL DHL).

DHL UK contact number

Tel: 0844 248 0844 – Call now

This is the contact number of DHL customer care in the United Kingdom (For urgent enquiries).

DHL Ireland contact number

Tel: 1890 725 725 – Call now

Use this number to contact DHL customer service in Ireland.

DHL Nigeria customer service number

Tel: 08039077000 – Call now

Tel: 01-2700908 – Call now

You can contact the customer service of DHL Nigeria using the numbers below.

DHL Singapore contact number

Tel: + 65 6880 6700 – Call now

Call to this telephone number to speak with DHL Singapore by phone.

DHL Qatar contact number

Tel: 44587810 – Call now

Tel: 55819304 – Call now

These are the Technical Support numbers of DHL Qatar.

DHL Ghana contact number

Tel: 030-2213090 – 7 – Call now

Use this no. to call to the customer care department of DHL Ghana.

DHL Kuwait contact number

Tel: 1808345 – Call now

Tel: 22246500 – Call now

These are the phone numbers of DHL customer service in Kuwait.

DHL Malaysia contact number

Tel: 1 800 888 388 – Call now

Use this toll free number to call to DHL Malaysia customer support.

Contact DHL Express

More phone numbers of the local DHL Express can be found on the official website of the company here.

You can also contact DHL on Facebook here to ask for your local contact information.

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