Apple store phone number

What is Apple store number? How can I contact Apple’s customer care? Apple is one of the top companies in the computers industry; The top Apple products are the Macintosh computer, IPhone, Ipad and Ipod. Here you can find the phone number of Apple store customer service nearby.

Apple store phone number: 800–692–7753

This is the main phone number of Apple online store [(800) MY–APPLE]. They are operating 7 days a week, 07:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can call to this no. to buy products by phone.


Apple Store Phone Number

Apple customer support number

Tel: 800–275–2273 – Call now

Dial to this number to talk with the Ipad, Ipod and Mac technical support by phone [(800) APL–CARE].

Tel: 800–694–7466 – Call now

Call to this number to talk with the Iphones technical suport team now [(800) MY–IPHONE].

You can visit the support page of Apple here, click on the “get support” button and then choose your country, you will be takes to speak with an Apple expert.

Contact Apple

As mentioned, you can contact Apple customer support usingt the following numbers, they are providing good support for each of their products.

You may also try to contact Apple’s Facebook page here, but take in consideration that this is not one of the official customer service channels of Apple inc.

Apple corporate number

Tel: (408) 996–1010 – Call now

This is the number of Apple corporation, below you can see the street address of the corporation.

Location: 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014

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We hope that after reading this, you can easily dial to the nearest Apple store, to their main business center or to get help by phone.

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